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This is my latest painting compared with the photo reference on right (I'm mostly cropped out on left). It's been a big project. The significance of this painting is that this scene inspired me to work out more than any other scene from Stallone's movies and still does today. Very powerful scene. A better description of this photo comparison can be read HERE.


Saturday's lower body workout


HAMSTRINGS - standing leg curl with 30 lb ankle weight around ankle x 12 (cadence 2 up, hold 4, down 4).


LOWER BACK - stiff leg dead lift with barbell - 88 x 6, 78 x 2, 2, 2 using rest-pause in between each group of reps (cadence 2 up, hold 4 (at slightly bent over position to keep tension on lower back), down 4). The planned exercise was to do 12 reps with 88 lbs but it was too much for that cadence so the weight was lowered and continued in strict form.


GLUTES - butt raise lying on floor with 60 lbs on lower waist and feet on floor with knees up. Raise mid section off the floor toward ceiling working glutes x 8 (cadence 3 up, hold 8, down 7).     


QUADRICEPS -  leg extensions - 102 lbs x 8 (cadence 3 up, hold 8, down 7). Immediately super setted with one arm gripping dumbbell squat - 65 lbs x 8 holding in right hand, switch to left hand x 8. Immediately super setted with single leg extensions - 65 lbs x 2 sets of 2-3 reps each leg switching from left leg to right leg (cadence 2 up, hold 6, down 5). This is a very good finisher to create a total burn in the quads where it's hard to walk afterwards. Then to add the very final touches after that, the quads are flexed very hard for about 7 times on each leg.

The quads are always super setted in this manner starting with leg ext. and doing dumbbell lunges or sissy squats, etc. 


Due to 2 very painful lower back injuries from doing barbell squats, no more barbell squats are done nor any exercise with the bar on the neck. Heavy dead lifts are out as well. Too much direct up and down compression on the spine. 


Surprisingly, since not doing any barbell squats or front barbell squats, my legs are better developed now from doing super sets. So, because of the injury, it actually made the legs better. Also, because of the lower back injury, the lower back and whole spinal column is stretched very well twice a day on this traction device I own. It makes the back feel really good with no pain whatsoever. It's excellent back therapy. I highly recommend it. You can even hear the back DEcompressing after a full day of compressing just from gravity alone.


As each muscle group is worked once a week with 2 major workout days (basically upper and lower body days) and 3 minor days in between working smaller muscles, the workouts are planned in advance by about 4 or 5 workouts. They are creative and varied from the previous workout of that particular muscle group. Below is my already planned workout for Monday, Oct. 13 which is the major upper body muscles. It is separated with HIT (high intensity training) and NTF (not to failure). Both styles are done in very slow strict form but HIT is carried to momentary failure in a given set. NTF is something I've been experimenting with for a couple months every other week per body part with good results.  I think the idea of it is to take a break from over taxing the central nervous system using lighter weight and perhaps higher reps with one set. Might go back to all out HIT-ONLY soon to see if the results are better. Here's an exact quote from Ellington Darden regarding Arthur Jones and NTF: "In the 1970s, Arthur Jones said a not-to-failure (NTF) training session was advantageous, given that you were strong and advanced enough to need one, because it prevented muscle atrophy from occurring if you went longer than four days between workouts. Today, he'd stretch that time period to six or seven days."


Monday's planned workout


CHEST - (HIT) - (1) incline flye using rest-pause (10-12 sec. between each rep for ALL rest-pause exercises) - 47 lbs x 4 starting at bottom position (cadence 4 up, hold 3 (at 3/4 from lockout), down 8).

(2) incline dumbbell press using rest-pause - 55 lbs x 4 starting at bottom position (cadence 4 up, hold 3 (at 3/4 from lockout), down 8).  

(3) wide dips 5 lbs strapped on belt using rest-pause x 4 starting at bottom position (cadence 4 up, hold 2 (at 3/4 from lockout), 4 down). Will allow about a 1 min. rest between each rest-pause exercise.


BACK - (HIT) - (1) palms up shoulder width pull up with 30 lbs strapped on belt using rest-pause x 4 (cadence 2 up, hold 4 (just below top), 6 down). 

(2) bent over dumbbell row (both arms together) using rest-pause with head resting on bench - 50 lbs x 4 (cadence 2 up, hold 8 at top, down 8). For back, 2 different exercises are done generally one for width and one for thickness.


SIDE DELTOID/TRAPS - (NTF) - upright barbell row - 58 lbs x 10 (cadence 2 up, hold 4, down 4).


BICEPS - (NTF) - hammer curl - 30 lbs x 10 (cadence 2 up, hold 3 (3/4 from top), down 3).


TRICEPS - (NTF) - bar dips - body weight x 10 (cadence 2 up, hold 2 (just below lockout), down 2).

This is the "planned" workout. It most likely will differ once it's started regarding weight used, amount of reps, cadence, etc and any changes are all recorded in detail in the workout journal.



This is my latest oil painting tribute which is long overdue to one of the greatest bodybuilders ever Mike Mentzer. I think this is him in 1980 or later. Still need to finish his eyes for correct eye color. Have not found a large color photo of his eyes to correct this. Look for his hidden name "MIKE" somewhere in the painting. It's subliminal.



This is my excellent high anti-oxidant health dish that I prepare and eat daily 1 or 2 times or a variation of this. The variations are endless. It is high in protein, carbs, fiber and has low good fats. The ingredients in this particular dish are pasta, tuna, black beans, shredded carrots, raw spinach, tomato sauce, lemon juice, olive oil, clove of raw garlic, red onion, lots of cayenne pepper, cinnamon, dash sea salt. Mostly all organic including the spices. This kind of meal will fill you up and keep you lean. Pasta is substituted with whole wheat pasta and/or brown rice. Fruits like bananas and prunes are eaten daily as well along with Post shredded wheat 'n bran cereal.


This book is my training bible. The most informative book I've read on H.I.T. It was new when I bought it 2 years ago. Obviously, I refer to it all the time. Mentzer was great. This is his final book before his untimely death in 2001. His rest-pause section is really good (as is the whole book). Just 4 very intense reps!





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